Haus of Le Medium.

We Are All The Narcicyst

Reason 3 I love #LA, Nizzy aka Ragtop of the Mighty Mighty Philistines
Cypher Complete #LA
#LA reason number 2
Inshallah You’ll be a superstar. #LA kicks made by Bibi Nahla


Coming. I’m working.
'94 I rocked Illmatic as a baby boy. 20 years later I bought Illmatic for my baby boy. #illmaticXX @Nas
"That’s where I get my (mustache/bow tie) confidence from…" #JidduJamal
I want to thank each and every person I came across in #DC and @Kencen. You made my year. The trip was spiritually uplifting and thought provoking. A stamp in my career and where I finally decided, I am Bruce Vain aka the Light Knight.
It’s the future. #kicks
This Friday at 6 PM eST I will be on RTtv on #BreakingTheSet with the inspirational @AbbyMartin . Check out her work she is a dope visual artist! #WATM
I had @ridzdesign hold my phone while I was performing… And I get this in return. I love these guys.
Thank You #DC. @KenCen was live. Catch me tomorrow again at 6PM alongside @TalibKweli Russell Simmons, Poetic Pilgrimage and more! Stream online ! #Ruhh
This is my brother Amir @blamethelabel . I call him #Abbass. He is an architect. A man of many knowledgeable stories and allegories, pARABles if you will. He has been a partner, a drawing board, a mastermind and a strategist. He is #illuminarcy #BTL
One Last Time. Tmrw, Tuesday. 6PM. @KenCen Kennedy Center FREE Show. Bring your fam. #OneMicDC