Haus of Le Medium.

We Are All The Narcicyst

We are wildin at #isnadetroit2014
Come check @ridzdesign and myself at booth 950 at #isnadetroit2014 all day today and tomorrow! I got #CartoonRacist with me!
The Garment Renaissance. #Euphrates @sandhillmusic x @thenarcicyst since the 90s
A Billi
What a Wonderful McWorld
Join us as we enter our new journey. Follow @WeAreTheMDM on Instagram, and @WeAreTheMedium on twitter and YouTube. Our recently launched YouTube Space, in collaboration with @c3films the good people behind @telfaz11 is the first of a kind Music Platform for independent Internationalists and musicians. Our channel caters to the artist while we bring new exciting content. Our first video is by @eshmawimedia #ElKhateeb in collaboration with @mashrou3leila
I miss the Team. @brudderfallingtree @meryemsaci iAmBlackGirl and I opening for #PublicEnemy #Montreal

moonstruck-muslimah said: Are you coming to Detroit next weekend for ISNA? I'd love to see you!

yes I will be there! 

Beauty and The Beast. #Khalfan
Class is in session. #WATM
I’ve known @sandhillmusic aka Nawar since I was 11. For the last 20 years we have made music, grown together, Mourned and seen people born into the world. I don’t have many brothers, but I am proud to say he is one of them. Together we birthed Euphrates and without him there is no Narcy. Young Prince of Mediumunda with the hooray. The future is now, We Are The Medium

From overwhelmed to Hakuna Matata. #ThankGodForKids #WATm

Professor Narce is back. Join me this fall and winter for our conversations on HipHop at #Concordia #WATM